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Hi Folks,


During these extremely testing times, the safety of customers and our employees alike remains our first priority. The situation across the UK is very fluid right now, and changing daily, but we are still operating as an on-line business.


Steely eyed HQ are making sure that all hygiene precautions are being met when packing your order. 


Delivery Updates:

We are exceptionally busy at this moment in time but we are still trying to hit our delivery targets.

Steely Eyed Delivery:  2 - 3 working days but this could be slightly longer depending on your location.

On current schedules, please email us regarding your order if you need an update.

Please look after yourselves in these trying times, and keep family and friends close in contact via whatever medium you can! We can adapt to all situations life throws at us with a steely eyed attitude and smile.

Stay strong and stay safe,

Much love!

Richie & Lisa

Steely Eyed Clothing.

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