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Project Blue Haar - Unisex Steely Eyed Chunky Ribbed Beanie – Oxford Navy


Basic, Simple and classic chunky ribbed beanie from Steely Eyed “The cool way to warm your noggin”


Heavy ribbed knit with cuffed design sporting the iconic Steely Eyed logo.


SKU: 364115376135191
Color: Project Blue Haar
  • Steely-Eyed Environment Friendly Statement (Not A Rant!!) 

    As the Steely Eyed ethos and idea pad is mostly based with the great outdoors in mind and all that us humans can take from it. An environmentally friendly, conscious brand was the first thing that we wanted to promote. It wasn’t to jump on any eco –friendly band wagon and fill our social media posts with pictures of us hugging trees or petting baby seals. We all need to be aboard and promote the eco-friendly advantages that are available. From WRAP certified to our supplier being OCS, ISO and SEDEX accredited. This means that they are audited and transparent when needed. - WRAP info - OCS info - SEDEX info - ISO info

    We have tried to incorporate a no plastic policy in our packaging and use eco-friendly products. We do try and source our clothing ethically and look for the certified production of products. We try and yes we are not perfect but it’s a start. At Steely Eyed HQ everything that we buy into has to have a conscious. That conscious mirrors us as a company and as the people who run it. 


    The Steely Eyed Crew.

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